When is the parent meeting for camp?

The parent meeting will be on Sunday, July 16 at 1:30 pm in Gear Zone at the Henderson Campus.


What time should my student show up on the day of departure?

Please arrive by 6:00 AM on Thursday, July 27th. This will ensure we leave at our scheduled time of 7:00 AM.


Who will be supervising my child during camp?

We take the value of safety & security very seriously, and is our #1 priority. All of our leaders and staff have updated background checks and are approved team members inside your kid’s environment on the weekend. Along with UCYC’s staff and our leaders, your kids will have close supervision during their time at camp, to make sure they have a safe and memorable experience.


My child made a request to be with a friend. How do I know they will be together at camp?

We do our very best to honor all requests that are made, especially with friends. We will pair up kids with their friends, and make sure they are in the same small group together. As camp gets closer to the deadline or sell out, these requests may be more difficult to fulfill.


Can my kid bring their cell phone?

Yes, they can. We want kids to be engaged and involved while at camp so, we make it clear that phones are there for emergencies.


My kid has medical issues / allergies / etc. Who can I speak with to ensure my child will receive the necessary care?

If your kid has medications, medical conditions, etc, please indicate clearly on your registration form. At the time of departure, you will give your kid’s medication to the bus leader. All medication will be handled and distributed by the UCYC full time nurse, who has full records of kid’s medications.


This is my first time allowing my kid to be gone for multiple days. Can I contact him / her on a need-be basis?

Yes, you may contact your kid while at camp. Your best way of contacting your kid is through their small group leader. Your kid’s leader will have their phone on them always. Be sure to get your kid’s small group leader’s phone number before departure.


What will they be doing at camp? What activities are provided and what does a typical day look like?

Your kids have jam-packed days while they are at camp. Each day consists of two fun and upbeat worship sessions, two in-depth small group times and rotations of zip lines, rock walls, archery, swimming, obstacle courses, field games, spirit days, color competitions, and more!


What if something unforeseen happens before camp and my child cannot go? Can I get a refund?

We understand that circumstances happen and schedules change. However, due to limited availability, the $100 deposit is non-refundable. Any payments made above the deposit can be refunded.