Drop off
Your kid(s) needs to arrive promptly at 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 27th

Check-in will take place at the Henderson Campus. The busses will be parked here.

Please have everything ready to make sure that every kid gets checked in on-time. Here’s what the process will look like:
• Drop off luggage at the appropriate bus.
• Check-in with your kid’s leader. Hand their leader any camp mail and canteen money you are sending to camp.
• Check-in with the bus leader and hand the bus leader any medications your kid will require during camp.
• Say good-bye and your kid gets on the bus.
• Departure: We expect to leave promptly at 7:00a.m.
• Return: We plan on returning around 3:00p.m. on Monday, July 31st

Canteen Card
This card will be used for your kid’s spending money. UCYC has a shop opened each day where treats, snacks, t-shirts, and accessories for color teams will be sold. We recommend $10 if your kid is not going to buy a color pack or t-shirt. If they are, then we recommend $20 – $30. We also encourage written instructions on how much your kid can spend each day at the shop.

All medications must be in original packaging with doctors’ instructions. If your child needs assistance/monitoring regarding medications, please refer to the Medications card you will receive at the parent meeting and follow the instructions listed. Make sure your child’s small group leader’s name is written on the Medication card.

You are strongly encouraged to “mail” a note of encouragement to your child. Please have letters/cards ready with your kid’s name, small group leader’s name and date of “delivery” on the front of each envelope. You will give the mail to your kid’s small group leader before departure.

Your child is limited to one suitcase/bag and one small carry-on/backpack. Other than a sleeping bag, all other belongings must fit in these two bags. At the parent meeting, you will receive 2 colored luggage tags / wristbands. One will be used for the suitcase, and one for the sleeping bag. These bands have been coordinated with the bus assigned to your child. When you arrive, immediately locate the correct bus to load the suitcase/bag and sleeping bag.

UCYC Summer Staff Auction
Every year at camp, UCYC does a summer staff auction to help raise money for a partnering organization. Last year, UCYC partnered with an orphanage in Myanmar. 100% of the proceeds raised go directly to this organization. Kids are encouraged, but not required, to participate in this auction. You can send some extra money for your kids to participate in this auction, if you choose to do so.

Lunch Money
Lunch on the way home will be $7.00. You can pay this amount through online registration, or in person.

Payments Due
If you have a payment card, then there is a balance on your kid’s camp account. Payments are due no later than Sunday, July 23

Sprit Days
Thursday – Anything goes
Friday – Team Colors
Saturday – Ugly Tie
Sunday – Superhero Day
Monday – Anything goes

Social Media
To see what is happening at camp through updates, pictures, and videos, we encourage you to LIKE the Central Kids Henderson page on Facebook and Instagram!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentralKidsHenderson/
Girls: Do not enter the guys’ cabins!
Guys: Do not enter the girls’ cabins!
Be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there.

RESPECT the camp area and each other: No water balloons, sidewalk chalk, shaving cream or pranks! Kids may be sent home at their parent’s expense for breaking any of the above rules or for disrespecting the camp area.

Contact Information/Emergency or Questions
CFM Staff (at UCYC) Andrea Kessler @ 702-440-8376
UCYC: 928-445-0391
After departure, please use these numbers only in the event of an emergency.
o Bible and pen
o Clothing for each day (pants, shorts, shirts, underwear, socks, etc.) Consider sending an extra change of clothing! Please NO clothing with tobacco, alcohol or drug advertisements or with profane statements.
o One extra set of clothes that can get messy (and it’s not a big deal). Your kid will get messy!
o Sleepwear
o Jacket or sweatshirt for the evenings (it can get cool at night)
o Shoes and/or sandals (one pair of closed-toe athletic shoes)
o Personal toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, comb/brush, etc.
o 2 Towels (one for pool, shower etc.)
o Sleeping bag or sheets/blanket and pillow (with case)
o Sunscreen and lip balm
o Sunglasses and hat
o Swim wear (Girls one piece or FULL tankinis only)
o Flashlight

Specific to This Experience:
Canteen money
Bottled water for bus ride to camp
Snacks for the bus ride up (we will be eating lunch at UCYC)
Lunch money for the bus ride down (must be pre-paid prior to camp departure)

Other Items to Consider:
Swim shoes, goggles or swim mask
Camera (disposable recommended)
Dirty clothes bag
Plastic water bottle

What Not To Bring
Portable televisions or DVD players, CD players, iPods, or electronic games.
Tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, firearms or fireworks. (Kids with any of these may be sent home at the expense of the parent.)


What time should my student show up on the day of departure?
Please arrive by 6:30 AM on Thursday, July 27th. This will ensure we leave at our scheduled time of 7:00 AM.

Who will be supervising my child during camp?
We take the value of safety & security very seriously, and is our #1 priority. All of our leaders and staff have updated background checks and are approved team members inside your kid’s environment on the weekend. Along with UCYC’s staff and our leaders, your kids will have close supervision during their time at camp, to make sure they have a safe and memorable experience.

My kid has medical issues / allergies / etc. Who can I speak with to ensure my child will receive the necessary care?
If your kid has medications, medical conditions, etc, please indicate clearly on your registration form. At the time of departure, you will give your kid’s medication to the bus leader. All medication will be handled and distributed by the UCYC full time nurse, who has full records of kid’s medications.

This is my first time allowing my kid to be gone for multiple days. Can I contact him / her while they’re at camp?
We want kids to be engaged and involved while at camp so, we make it clear that phones (theirs and their leaders) are there for emergencies only. Your best way of contacting your kid is through their small group leader. Your leader will have their phone with them during camp, however, may not be able to return calls and/or texts as soon as they are received. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages for updates during camp.

What will they be doing at camp? What activities are provided and what does a typical day look like?
Your kids have jam-packed days while they are at camp. Each day consists of two fun and upbeat worship sessions, two in-depth small group times and rotations of zip lines, rock walls, archery, swimming, obstacle courses, field games, spirit days, color competitions, and more!