Central Family,

A wave is an impact we can make when we choose to live out generosity in our lives. We want to help turn the tide of hunger, depression, loneliness, and hopelessness in our communities. We all have the ability to make some kind of impact. A gift of $35 will help provide a week’s worth of food for a family, provide encouragement to people who are hurting through 24-hour church, and simply help bless our neighbors and friends who are struggling right now.

Mark 12:31 calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. When we practice generosity in our lives, we’re not only putting others first, we’re putting God first. Right now, our cities are hurting, they are in need, and we want to carry them through this season. Even the smallest pebble can create a wave. Together, we can turn the tide.

1 Family – $35
5 Families -$175
10 Families – $350
25 Families – $875
50 Families – $1,750